How it Works…

As you know, there is no such thing as a paperless real estate deal. These folders will come in handy for not only holding important documents, but are also a worthwhile advertising avenue for your real estate business.

Quantities of either 500 or 1,000 folders are printed at ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU OR YOUR COMPANY.

Printing Preferences:

You can sign up for 1 print run or more to keep your supply readily available. The standard folders are printed in 4-color process with UV coating, 2 pockets and business card slits (see our sample gallery). There are many other folder and ad placement options available other than our standard and if that interests you we can talk about accomplishing the folder you envision.

Files We Need From You:

We will need your logo (hi-resolution or vector), along with contact information, including your business website and any photos you would want on your folder.


Your Folder Design:

Your folder will be custom designed how you want your folder to look by our experienced graphic design team. You will have direct contact with the graphic designer and your proof will be emailed for approval prior to printing. We will not print anything without approval. We can use any of your supplied files that are print-ready or you can choose a design to customize from our template gallery.

How You Receive These Folders at No Cost:

These folders are paid for by the advertisers, so what we need from you is a list of business contacts you would recommend to your clients for various services they may need during or after their real estate transaction. These businesses can include title companies, mortgage lenders, flooring, construction, plumbers, etc. You get the idea! Your list can be emailed, uploaded or called in if you prefer at 619.955.8895.

About the Advertisers and Ads:

Our professional sales team will be in touch with the business contacts that you supplied on your list. We would mention you would like their ad to be on your folder. The advertiser can sign up for one print run or more, based on how many print runs you sign up for. Our professional graphic designers will design the ads for those businesses or they can supply a file for their ad. We will take care everything. All we need from you is your list.